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Traditional cold water systems have changed little since Victorian times with cold water storage tanks feeding copper cylinders providing hot and cold water, and more recently shower pumps added to improve the pressure, but there is a better way!

Unvented cylinders are now the preferred choice for many replacing the traditional copper cylinders for our hot water needs. Unvented cylinders are fed directly from the mains supply and have many benefits over traditional cylinders, but reply on the mains supply for both pressure and flow rates.

When we talk to many clients one of the underlining reasons for improving their hot water systems or modernising their bathrooms is to improve their showering experience or increase the available pressure.

We offer a range of water boosting systems from Traditional GRP tanks with single or twin variable speed pumps rated from 60-120 litres a minute from 3.5 – 5bar + duty, more than enough pressure to cope with the most discerning of our customer's.

We offer a unique patented water boosting system from TWS utilising MainsBoost accumulator and charger pump technology, to increase flow rates and pressure on mains supplies feeding unvented cylinders and combination boilers. A greener water boosting system, delivering an outstanding performance and good value for money.

Hot and cold water systems improved in Bromley, Sidcup & SE London

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