Renewable Energy is an energy source that comes from natural resources, wind, rain sunlight and geothermal, that can be naturally replenished and won’t run out. Using renewable energy sources can offer a wide range of benefits and save you money, and help the world around us to a safer and greener environment. With climate change and the steady depletion of fossil fuels, now is a good time to invest in renewable technology.

The important thing about renewable technologies in the domestic market is how it can best suit to our individual needs and merge with the practicalities of an existing property. At T J Howes we believe in an honest and direct approach and will discuss the options and products available, supported by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers.

  • Solar water heating:
    Uses energy from the sun collected by solar panels to heat water up to 55-65ºC. Systems should be roof-mounted and ideally integrated into a suitable solar station hot-water system:
  • Ground-source heat pumps: 
    Using naturally-occurring underground low-level heat typically 10-16c. to boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating using a vapor compressor to transfer heat to typically an under floor heating system.
  • Air-source heat pumps:
    Convert low-level heat, occurring naturally in the air with a refrigerant circuit, the heat generated is used to create hot water for a traditional pressurized heating and hot water system.
  • Biomass:
    Biomass systems, burn typically wood pellets, chips or logs to provide an energy source to power central heating and hot water boilers.

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